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Brendan Doherty Endorses Gina Raimondo for Governor

Former Republican candidate cites her ability to fix state’s economy

Former Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty today endorsed Gina Raimondo for governor.

Said Brendan, “To me, this race for Governor is about one thing. Who can fix Rhode Island’s economy? I don’t care too much about party labels; it is about results. It is clear after looking at both candidates that only Gina Raimondo has the right ideas, a sound approach and the tenacity to get the job done. Our state needs jobs. We used to be a manufacturing powerhouse, and Gina isn’t going to rest until we make things in Rhode Island once again. I am proud to be supporting Gina because I know she can get Rhode Islanders back to work.”

“I am proud to have Brendan’s support,” added Gina. “He is a man of high integrity and character, and I know how strongly he cares about his fellow Rhode Islanders. He and I both understand that this race is about who can fix our economy, and I am honored that he trusts me to get Rhode Islanders back to work.”